After a day of swimming and getting to know the people of the Sotainvaliidi Siirtolapuutarha on Lauttasaari, we enjoyed a film evening. Luckily my companion is a Klavierspielerin and can provide an accurate interpretation of the film.



A film evening. Plenty of Laphroiag on the rocks. Sorry, it is warm and humid.



What is tango?


But really?






Yes, but who?


You want to know who? The film Mittsommernachtstango explores the cultures and reveals the name also. It is a film about agreeing to disagree.

A tango.


In German: FA Birkenstock. Wir vermissen ein zeitgemäßes Design. Bitte setzen Sie sich erneut mit Jandolf in Verbindung, wenn Sie so wollen.

In Finnish: It is berry season. Mustikka is preferred over mustaherukka by many people who like to pick berries. It is the sweet taste.




It takes two to tango.