This is a how to guide for smoking a cigarette in FinnLand.

The appropriate clothing depends on the weather.




In order to prepare the cigarette lighter, a method of transport must be chosen. A rowing boat, a motor boat, a ship or plane. A canoe is also good. A #TOSIMIES would probably swim.



Just watch out for the whales.




Arrival at Pihlajasaari. Just forgot the Zunder, a present from the Klavierspielerin explained to her by the Reggae connection of a Förster. The Zunder is from German woods and will probably be used next Juhannus for lighting a kokko or bonfire in English.




Looks like prehistoric Amsterdam with Roman trees.




Island inhabitants confirmed that the ships do not stop at the island. The one in the picture goes from Helsinki to Tallinn direct.




The cigarette lighter.




It works.




The correct way to put out the cigarette is water due to safety reasons (fire hazard). Then placing the cigarette stump in a trash bin. No littering.




While on the island it is important to follow the signs.




Nudists turn right and sauna visitors turn left. The sauna is also enjoyed naked, but reservations must be made in advance. Aalto means wave. Then there is Alvar Aalto.

No driving. Only walking and swimming.




BBQs, camping, restaurant eating etc. all there. Just not cable TV, although the sign says so.




A nice lady offered her plate as we both didn’t have any.




I didn’t ask whether the mustard was Dijon, but she did say she had a French Connection. And that she spends time where the Germans go on holiday. Cheaper and cleaner.



No song this time. A picture. Light on Wood.


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