The English word gentleman is translated best into Finnish with tosimies.

Tosi: real

Mies: man



Presenting the #TOSIMIES summer drink. Enjoyed best in the winter.



The LEIJONA (lion in English) is the cheapest bottle Alko sells. Alko is the alcohol business of the Finnish State. A customer at Alko recommended it to me. He said it is a bit milder with 32%. The price also happened to be the cheapest at 8,62 EUR. So I went for the same.

Basically one only needs some berries and a bottle of LEIJONA. Adding frozen berries to the glass or bottle and placing the bottle in the freezer for an hour is perfect in summer. In this case I bought frozen mustikka and puolukka.

But a TOSIMIES picks the berries himself in the summer and freezes them for the winter to enjoy his summer drink. The drink is properly cooled this way. The left hand can be used to hold the bottle.



After cooling the drink, a TOSIMIES enjoys the sauna.



Jean Sibelius. Finlandia.




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